Mini Monkey Gym structured developmental classes offer an interactive, physical play and musical sensory experience that benefits your child’s all round development.

With 4 stages from Newborn to 5 yrs old there is a perfect class for you and your ‘Mini Monkey’!

Baby Monkeys

0-10 mths

Sensory activities and active songs allow Baby Monkeys to open their senses and progress physically. Movement activities,using our specially designed soft equipment, promotes babies’ body awareness and strength as well as their cognitive and physical development. We have lots of fun with parachute play and bubbles too!

Little Monkeys

6-18 mths

Pre-crawlers, crawlers and walkers enjoy sliding down slopes, cruising around blocks, balancing on rockers and crawling through tunnels! Active musical movement and a different movement theme and surprise prop each week guarantees lots of smiles. Little Monkeys increase in physical and social confidence and prepare themselves to ‘graduate’ up to Cheeky Monkeys!

Cheeky Monkeys

18 mths-3 yrs

Exploring soft and colourful obstacle courses give Cheeky Monkeys the opportunity to climb, jump, balance, roll, slide and lots more. A new physical skill and fitness prop each week engages Cheeky Monkeys in challenging activities giving them the opportunity to practice their physical and creative skills whilst having fun. A class guaranteed to use up your little ones energy!

Funky Monkeys

2.5-5 yrs

Advanced physical skills practice, structured warm ups, soft gym relay courses and circuits and challenging team parachute games. We also use a variety of sports props for early concept matching and individual skill activities. These activities offer a fun and challenging experience, which advances Funky Monkeys physical development and promotes their confidence.

Mixed Monkeys

6 mths-5 yrs

Mixed Monkeys is a wonderful mixture of all our Mini Monkey classes giving siblings the opportunity to enjoy Mini Monkey Gym together. This class is also suitable for families who have different aged children and who would like to attend a mixed age class together. Don’t forget that there is a 50% reduction on class fees and membership for second siblings.

What happens at Mini Monkey Gym?

At Mini Monkey Gym we have unique soft obstacle courses to explore which support a weekly movement theme and physical skill. Mini Monkeys enjoy jumping off blocks, balancing on beams, rolling down slopes, sliding on tummies, moving backwards, crawling through tunnels, climbing in, out, up and over and lots, lots more! Pre-mobile Mini Monkeys have fun with movement activities to strengthen their bodies in preparation to become mobile, including rocking, rolling, standing, pull ups, and of course lots of tummy time!

At Mini Monkey Gym we use different sensory and musical props each week to compliment the movement theme such as, ribbons, beanbags, hula hoops, transparent scarves, maracas, bells and lots more! Mini Monkeys are on the move all the time with our active musical movement, which really gets everyone, and even the adults, moving! We enjoy lots of bending, stretching, jumping, turning, shaking, wiggling, stamping, clapping and swinging at Mini Monkey Gym.

Mini Monkey Gym classes follow the same structure each week. This promotes recognition for your child and builds their confidence to join in with the circle time activities, songs and parachute play. Our classes are very relaxed and friendly so children join in when they are ready and are free to explore in their own way! Our classes are fun and social, offering parents a wonderful opportunity for special one-on-one time with their child and a chance to meet other like-minded families.

How does Mini Monkey Gym benefit my child?

The Mini Monkey Gym professionally developed programme has been designed to help babies, toddlers and young children develop their physical skills and get their bodies moving! Movement in babies and toddlers is crucial to stimulating brain development and encouraging the creation of those all important neural connections in the first few years. Mini Monkey Gym gives you and your child the opportunity to enjoy lots of fun and sensory movement experiences together which promote this important development.

Our carefully structured 4 stage programme incorporates different movement themes each week using specially designed colourful soft playgym obstacle courses and sensory equipment. Our unique soft obstacle courses are on a completely soft matted area which offers your child freedom of movement and helps them build their physical confidence in a safe and fun environment. Our classes see your child increase in their physical skills of locomotion, balance, agility, climbing and coordination.

Our circle times are full of fun active songs and rhymes, utilising sensory and musical props . These engage your child and develop their language skills, sense of rhythm and movement. Our sensory movement activities encourage exploration, creativity and self awareness.

Class Fees
Mini Monkey Gym classes are booked termly. We offer discounts for siblings attending classes at the same time. All children enrolling in classes need to be a member.

Mini Monkey Gym membership includes a Mini Monkey Gym T-shirt for your child to wear to class and a Mini Monkey Gym tote bag. Membership is valid until your child's fifth birthday and offers 10% discount on Mini Monkey Gym soft playgym parties, priority booking for classes and special events.

Class Duration
Mini Monkey Gym classes run for 45 minutes.

Make-up Classes
Missed classes due to absence or illness can be made up by attending another class on a different day, spaces permitting. Make-up classes need to be pre-booked and used during the current term.

"Fantastic! Avril looks forward to her Cheeky Monkey session every week and it has improved her confidence massively. The sessions are great!!"

"It has been lovely to watch Sally's confidence grow as she interacts with the equipment and other children. We both really enjoy the sessions!"

"In a word - Excellent! The equipment is always clean. There is a different theme each week which makes it more exciting for the children. My little girl absolutely loves Cheeky Monkeys and shrieks with delight when the t-shirt comes out of the wardrobe!"

"All of Ellis' favourite things in 45 mins!!"

"Excellent! Thoroughly enjoyable and one of the highlights of Olivia's week. Has done wonders for Olivia's physical confidence."

"Ruben and I have thoroughly enjoyed progressing from Little Monkeys to Cheeky Monkeys. Ruben has developed hugely in his climbing skills and I would recommend your classes to anyone with a little one."

"Excellent! Thoroughly enjoyable and one of the highlights of Olivia's week. Has done wonders for Olivia's physical confidence."