Nurseries and Early Years – mobile sessions for your setting

Movement from an early age is our Ethos! Movement in babies and toddler is crucial to stimulating brain development and encouraging the creation of those all-important neural connections in the first few years of life. Our early years programmes, give babies and toddlers in your setting, the opportunity to benefit from a variety of physical, musical and sensory activities that support this very important development.

We can attend your early years setting to provide regular sessions which provide a variety of physical skills exercises, musical movement and sensory activities. Our early years programmes are perfect for nurseries, preschools, schools, childminders and other early years organisations and have been developed and specifically adapted to support the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We know all settings needs are different so we are happy to come in and chat to you about your aims for the children in your setting and to see how we can support you in achieving them. Contact your local MMG Franchise here to book a chat, a setting visit or a taster session.

Our Early Years Programmes

Baby Developmental Programme for 0-10 mths

Baby Movement and sensory sessions focus on how movement and sensory experiences are essential to cognitive development, and how we can enhance this link for babies through physical and sensory activities.

Our experienced session leaders guide parents and babies through active songs, sensory activities and parachute play, as well as providing a time for bonding and socialising.

Musical Movement Programme for 0-5 years

Active music sessions focusing on songs and movement activities from our Mini Monkey Gym programme.

Using sensory, musical and fitness props, our sessions leaders maximise movement by offering a variety of physical activities, songs, rhymes and parachute play, promoting the importance of movement in the early years.

Fit & Fun Early Years Programme for 2.5-5 years

Specially adapted sessions from our Mini Monkey Gym programme focusing on developing the early physical skills of locomotion, agility, balance and coordination.

Our experienced session leaders engage the children in spatial warm ups, physical skills practice, early concept matching and team parachute games.

Outdoor Early Years Workshops for 0-5 years

Outdoor sporty and musical workshops specially designed to offer activities suitable for babies and preschoolers.

Workshops include physical activities, active music and movement and parachute games. We work together with local councils, nurseries and childrens centres to provide specialist outdoor under 5’s entertainment at events.

What our members say

My son and I love Mini Monkey Gym! He loves navigating the soft play and copying the class leader with exercises. And of course, parachute time and bubbles bring lots of excitement each week.


Max and I have been coming to Mini Monkeys since he was a tiny baby and he is still excited for every session especially when we put on his monkey gym t-shirt in the morning. Every session is unique and Penny and Charlotte are great at getting everyone involved


My daughter Olivia loves Mini Monkeys classes and she is always so excited to join them. The atmosphere and location are great and it is plenty of soft mats and equipment to play with. Claire and Penny are very engaging with the children and we love the Parachute song!!!


Mini Monkeys has been fantastic for me and my son. Highly recommended to any mums looking to try a new class with their little one. Each week, we look forward to all the new activities planned by the super friendly Mini Monkey staff. It's a great way to burn off some little energy too