our mission

developing the whole child

Mini Monkey Gym’s mission is to provide a high quality physical play programme that promotes movement and exercise and enhances under 5’s all round individual development in a fun, stimulating and safe environment.

Our Mission – Developing the Whole Child

We focus on fun and safety We provide a fun, safe, stimulating environment in which under 5’s can explore, move, share and grow, at their own pace, on our unique soft playgym floor.

We promote movement and exercise from an early age which in turn grows healthy bodies, strengthens neural pathways which supports healthy brain development and enhanced future learning.

We provide quality teaching Developed by early years experts, our high quality playgym programme includes a 4 stage curriculum, specialist equipment and experienced, trained class leaders.

We develop the whole child We provide activities that promote movement and physical skills practice as well as musical and sensory experiences to benefits under 5’s cognitive and social/emotional development

We support parents with their child’s development through our structured developmental programme and provide a welcoming class environment to meet and socialise with likeminded families.

We are child focused  Our innovative programme takes into the account the age and developmental stage of the individual child and offers activities to allow children to progress at their own rate.

We are part of the community  We involve ourselves with the local and wider community and support families of under 5’s and the early years sector in as many ways as possible.

Our Expertise – Early Years and Brain Builders

The Mini Monkey Gym programme has been designed by Early Years experts who understand the value and benefits of play and movement from an early age and the direct link both have with cognitive, brain development and future learning.

Did you know that your babies’ brain actually doubles in size during their first year and by age three your child has created 80% of those all-important neural connections?

As parents we love to see our babies start to move; their first roll, crawl and walk is a real milestone. But it’s much more than that, of course, as without plenty of natural movement, babies and toddlers run the risk of experiencing developmental delays. Research shows there is a direct link between movement and brain development, meaning babies, toddlers and young children need opportunities to move so they can learn and create those crucial neural connections within their brain – building brain power!

At Mini Monkey Gym we are passionate about the connection between active movement and cognitive development and engage parents and babies in a variety of movement activities, exercises and songs that help build their babies’ brain. We help parents feel confident and empowered in the knowledge about their baby’s brain and body development and equip them with skills and activities to continue at home to promote this important development.

Movement = Building Brains!

We have done the research so you can have the fun!

Our Playgyms – Inventive and Inspiring

When creating our playgym environment we knew that we wanted to enable young babies, toddlers and preschoolers to have complete freedom of movement.

To us this meant for us to create an environment that was safe, would increase the confidence to move, and in which only a little support from their grown up was needed.

Soft beginnings!

The obvious choice was, of course, to make our playgyms soft! Creating a completely soft environment, with a soft matted floor, bespoke soft playgym obstacles, and movement pieces, ensured that each child would be offered total freedom of movement, build their physical confidence and increase more quickly in their physical skills. Once we thought of it – it seemed so simple!

How your child benefits!

Starting with our pre-mobile babies our soft movement pieces offer a safe and soft surface for tummy time, rocking, rolling, core balancing and early floor based movement.

Our older babies and young toddlers enjoy pulling up, cruising, starting to climb and toddling, all whilst stumbling or losing balance on our soft playgym, ensuring they are safe to explore and move.

Our older toddlers and preschoolers continue to build on their confidence with their jumping, balancing, climbing and tumbling whilst continuing to enjoy the reassurance that the soft playgym environment brings them, allowing them to express themselves freely. Also, the older and heavier a child becomes, the more the playgym challenges them, engaging their core muscles and making it more difficult to balance and climb!

We made it soft for you too!

It was also important to us that parents had a comfortable, clean and soft surface to sit on, crawl around after your little ones and to be confident and assured that your little one is in the very best and safe environment for their early stages of development. All our venues are transformed by our soft playgym floor to create an environment that you can enjoy with your little one, knowing that they are able to freely move with confidence.

Celebrating British!

We are proud to support a British manufacturer and have our playgyms designed and produced in Britain. We have worked together with our supplier for over 10 years, creating the different shapes, sizes, colours that makes our playgyms unique to us. We designed each single piece of our playgym to be interchangeable to create a multitude of different obstacles to fit with out physical skills themes. This means that each week our playgym changes and provides a new fun experience for you and your little one!

What our members say

My son and I love Mini Monkey Gym! He loves navigating the soft play and copying the class leader with exercises. And of course, parachute time and bubbles bring lots of excitement each week.


Max and I have been coming to Mini Monkeys since he was a tiny baby and he is still excited for every session especially when we put on his monkey gym t-shirt in the morning. Every session is unique and Penny and Charlotte are great at getting everyone involved


My daughter Olivia loves Mini Monkeys classes and she is always so excited to join them. The atmosphere and location are great and it is plenty of soft mats and equipment to play with. Claire and Penny are very engaging with the children and we love the Parachute song!!!


Mini Monkeys has been fantastic for me and my son. Highly recommended to any mums looking to try a new class with their little one. Each week, we look forward to all the new activities planned by the super friendly Mini Monkey staff. It's a great way to burn off some little energy too