Welcoming everyone back to classes

The new normal – MMG Covid-19 policy

As we restart classes after lockdown our classes will look slightly different. Will they still be amazing with lots of Mini Monkey fun? Yes of course! It just means that we will be making sure our classes offer a safe experience in line with government guidelines to keep our MMG members, franchisee’s and class leaders safe during this ‘new normal’.

As you know we always take safety and cleaning very seriously at Mini Monkey Gym so our top priority is to offer a clean and safe environment to all families whilst maintaining the special experience you all know and love. All our lovely franchisee’s across the country have completed an Infection Control course and have risk assessed their venue/s so will have everything in place to invite MMG members back to classes safely. We are very excited to open classes up and see all our MMG members enjoying all the fun of Mini Monkey Gym!

Our new MMG class policies below highlight the changes we are making and all MMG branches will be following them:


SOCIAL DISTANCING (*the references to 1m/2m distancing below are dependent on local council guidelines in your area. Please speak to local MMG branch for clarification)  

  • We will have a one-way system (where possible) at our venues. Whilst waiting to come into class and when leaving we ask that you adhere to social distancing at all times. We will open the outside venue doors 5 minutes before your session starts so please arrive no earlier. We require one class to completely exit before the next class begins to enter so please also exit promptly when your class finishes.
  • Within our circle time mats we will mark out spots for sitting/standing during structured activities to maintain a distance of 1m/2m* between families. In classes please help your child to keep their distance by keeping them within an ‘arms reach’ at all times.
  • Our playgym equipment layout will be adapted into a “station” format to enable social distancing. Adults will stay with their child at all times assisting them on each station to practice the skills at that station.
  • All adults (except disabled people, or those with breathing difficulties/respiratory problems) will be asked to wear face coverings and class leaders will wear appropriate PPE.
  • Class sizes will be smaller to allow for social distancing and a limit of one adult per child will be permitted.
  • We ask you to commit to a block of sessions within the same class/es each week so we can limit the interaction of households. We will be holding a register for each class to enable us to track and trace.
  • Class leaders will keep a distance of 1m/2m* from families whilst guiding activities and instructing skills. It will be the responsibility of the adult to provide physical support where necessary and make sure the child is safe at all times.
  • If another family is using a “station” please wait patiently from 1m/2m* away, until they are finished.
  • We have been advised to avoid loud singing and raising of voices. We have planned for this by keeping the background music at a slightly lower volume. With smaller quieter class sizes there will be no need for our class leaders to raise their voices.
  • In an emergency, for example, an accident, provision of first aid, fire or break-in, people do not have to stay appropriately distanced if it would be deemed unsafe.



  • Cleaning is one of our highest priorities and so we have invested in the safest and most effective products available. Classes will be 5 minutes shorter (i.e. 40 minutes instead of 45 minutes) to allow extra time to clean in-between sessions.
  • In addition to all equipment being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before each class there will be disinfectant wipes available at each station for you to wipe down equipment at stations before and after use.
  • For prop activities your local class leader will confirm with you how they manage prop hygiene in your class. This will either be thorough cleaning of props after each session by the class leader using a sterilising fogger spray AND/OR by each parent/guardian using a dedicated MMG special prop pack of 6 props for the class their child is enrolled in. This will allow freedom for the child to join in with all the fitness and sensory prop activities without having to share props with others and allow them to also extend their learning at home. It is recommended that parents/guardians label their children’s props with their name/initials before bringing them to class. MMG prop bags are available for purchase and we have lowered the cost of prop bags to make them accessible for all families.
  • Our Ball Pit will not be used until further notice
  • Cleaning Hands is the most important way to prevent the virus spreading. We will provide hand sanitizer at the entry and exit points. We ask you to clean your hands when you arrive and before you leave.
  • Please be sure to assess your, and your child’s health prior to arriving. Please do not come to class if you, or your child, feel unwell or have a high temperature or display any COVID symptoms.
  • We ask for payments to be made prior to attending class by BACS or online payment.
  • We ask for no food or drink (apart from water) to be consumed during classes or within the venue. Please bring your own pre-filled and named water bottles.
  • Wherever possible try to use the toilet at home before coming and have babies in fresh nappies. Our toilets and baby change areas will of course be available to use and will be cleaned regularly but for obvious reasons, minimal use is preferable.
  • To provide maximum ventilation we will keep our venues’ doors/windows open when there are no families present and also keep our front door propped open when we are inviting families in to a) provide ventilation and b) minimize touching of the door handles.



Some MMG branches will have Private Hire Slots Available. This is strictly available to a maximum of two households at one time (and no more than 10 people in total). If you would be interested in this do ask your class leader which weekly slots they have available.

Booking a private slot can be a relaxed way to enjoy all the fun of MMG with friends/family within your bubble.



In the event of a lockdown or restricted operation of physical classes due to government guidance your MMG classes will be offered online until such time as physical classes can restart.